Screening plan to tackle male menopause

Tackling Male Menopause

Doctors have drawn up plans to screen older men for the male menopause, amid concerns that as many as one in five of the over-65′s may be affected. The existence of a male equivalent to the menopause is still controversial, but most experts agree that some men experience a crash in testosterone and hgh growth hormone that can leave them tired, depressed and lacking in libido.

The so-called “andropause” has also been linked to diabetes, obesity, erectile dysfunction, and in some cases can be treated with testosterone injections and human growth hormone replacement injections. Medical associations, including the European Association of Urology have issued guidelines recommending that men with type 2 diabetes and symptoms of testosterone deficiency be tested.

The screening is going to pick up a lot of men with low testosterone who previously would have been sat at home without their doctor investigating. Once a hormone deficiency has been detected, a man can seek out the proper medical treatment for replacing the androgen deficiency.

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