HGH – The Elixir of Youth

HGH – is Human Growth Hormone -
the new elixir of youth?

Growth Hormone is said to boost memory and libido – and reverse aging, but as women AND men inject Human Growth Hormone…

Having recently passed his 40th birthday, Graham Marks was beginning to notice how the years were taking their toll.

Despite being a dedicated gym-goer, he had started to put on weight and found his energy levels flagging. But the final straw came when he tore a ligament in his leg. Doctors told him it would take him three months of wearing a brace before he would recover.

Unhappy about such a long lay-off,  Graham, who runs a successful electronics business in the South of England, turned to the other men in his gym for advice on how to speed up the healing process. Almost unanimously, they suggested he did what they did — start injecting himself with a substance called human growth hormone (HGH).

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More and more people are using HGH, the Human Growth Hormone in pursuit of youth. Naturally made in the pituitary gland, the hormone stimulates growth. In the past, it was harvested from corpses before being injected into below-average-height children. Now synthesized in laboratories, it is being used in ways never originally intended.

‘I found some for sale on the internet, bought it and started taking it,’ he says. ‘And my leg recovered in just six weeks.’

That was 18 months ago and Graham hasn’t looked back. He was so impressed by the effect it had on his body that he injects himself with £10 worth of the drug every single day. In that time, he has lost two-and-a-half-stone in weight and put on a noticeable amount of muscle. But, he says, there is more.

‘In my opinion, HGH is a miracle drug. When used in moderation, it will slow down aging in the body. And it helps to heal everything quicker. Last year, when the bad flu went around, I had friends who were ill with it for up to two weeks. I caught it and recovered in a few days.’

On top of that, he noticed an increase in his sexual libido and improvement in the condition of his skin. A friend who is also using it reported that his thinning hair had started to re-grow.

They are extraordinary claims and ones that are echoed not only in the world of muscle-bound fitness-fanatics but  also among those who simply want to halt the body’s aging process in its tracks.

Earlier this summer, singer Robbie Williams admitted he had consulted doctors in LA about taking HGH simply so he could look and feel younger.

‘It’s what all the old fellas are on in LA — it makes them look 40 instead of 60,’ said Williams, who is 37. ‘It’s improving their health, their memory, their hair and skin.’ (In the end, the singer opted for a course of testosterone injections instead.)

Singers looking for a miracle: Robbie Williams admits to having consulted doctors about using HGH and Madonna is rumored to have used it

Women, too, are flocking to try out what has been dubbed ‘cosmetic surgery in a syringe’. The youthful-looking trio of Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston and Madonna are all rumored to have had HGH jabs.

Dr Lionel Bissoon is one of America’s leading anti-aging gurus. The rich and famous queue up at his New York clinic to be treated with the drug.

‘For many, this is the fountain of youth and it’s very, very popular,’ he says. ‘My patients say they look good, feel strong and even sleep better. Very few people are disappointed.’

Of course, the ministrations of Dr Bissoon do not come cheap: regular treatment can cost up to £1,200 a month. And therein lies the rub. The vast majority of those using HGH both here and in America cannot afford such costs. Instead, they purchase it over the internet from foreign-based websites and then inject themselves.

In so doing, they blindly trust that what they are sent actually does contain some HGH — rather than being counterfeit or contaminated with unknown substances that could harm or even kill them.

But that isn’t the only risk. HGH is not licensed as an anti-aging drug. While some studies have suggested it can help the body heal itself and improve athletic performance, other experts believe its anti-aging abilities have been wildly exaggerated.Worse still, there are growing concerns about the dangers that HGH may pose to health.

Studies show that high levels can lead to swelling of the soft tissues in the body; abnormal growth of the hands, feet and face; high blood pressure; blood clots; diabetes; increased sweating; and excessive hair growth.

Organs — including the heart, liver and kidneys — may also undergo excessive growth, leading to potentially life-threatening problems such as cardiomyopathy, a disease of the heart muscle. Cancer risks are also thought to increase.

Acting young: Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore are also rumoured to have used HGH to make them look younger

Given that, many will be surprised at just how easy HGH is to obtain in this country.

Manufactured under trade names such as Saizen, Genotropin, Norditropin, Humatrope, Zomacton and Nutropin aq, there are dozens of websites offering it for sale.

The vast majority of these are unregulated and based abroad, thereby sidestepping any risk of prosecution under British laws.

Like steroids, HGH is a class C drug which is illegal to supply. It should only be available from a doctor on prescription to treat severe growth disorders or conditions such as Aids-related muscle wastage. But at the same time, it is not illegal to possess, if possession is for personal use.

In other words, if someone is caught with relatively small amounts of HGH, they are unlikely to have any action taken against them.

And so the internet has become the main channel into the UK and its use — once confined to athletes hoping to gain an illegal edge — has become widespread.

Only last year, a gym in Bristol had to install needle-bins in the men’s toilets because so many people were using the drug (one gym member told how empty vials of HGH had been found on the premises and how he had seen people openly injecting themselves. Syringes had been left in the changing rooms and even on the gym floor.)

Meanwhile, online keep-fit forums are awash with people trading information and advice about the drug.

‘In my opinion, HGH is a miracle drug. When used in moderation, it will slow down ageing in the body. And it helps to heal everything quicker’

Last week, a man calling himself Big Chris posted the following: ‘I’m 21 about 18-19st — that’s fat not muscle. I used to be a bit of a gym buff, 13st of muscle but went to seed when I met my girlfriend. I’ve just started getting back into the gym and I’m considering going on HGH.’

Another wrote: ‘I’m considering getting some HGH — reason being is a few of my fellow gym buddies are on it and say it’s great, they are losing weight and have more energy, fewer aches and pains. What would you expect to pay for HGH? I’m about to pay  for ten days’ supply.’

What this man is about to purchase will no doubt have been imported from abroad. And, more worryingly, he will have no idea as to what it is he is about to start injecting into himself.

The dangers of this Russian roulette approach to self-medication were highlighted last year in a series of raids by police and officers from the Medicines And Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Targeting websites selling drugs like HGH, they seized more than £500,000 worth of medicines.

Tests on the confiscated pharmaceuticals showed high levels of counterfeiting and contamination with other drugs, suggesting those making them fail to clean equipment in between manufacturing runs.

‘The dangers of purchasing medicines from an unregulated source are that you just don’t know what you are taking,’ said Mick Deats, MHRA head of enforcement.

‘The dosages could be either too high or too low, contain no pharmaceutical ingredient or a totally different ingredient to that stated. Illegal suppliers have no quality control or standards to abide by.

‘If customers could see the filthy  conditions in which some of these medicines were being transported, stored and handled, they wouldn’t touch them.’

Scalpel or syringe? Using HGH has become seen as a viable alternative to plastic surgery - for men and women. Learn more about Human Growth Hormone and Aging at HGHnews.us - www.hghnews.us

Scalpel or syringe? Using HGH has become seen as a viable alternative to plastic surgery – for men and women

But it is not just gym-users who are taking HGH. The anti-aging industry in the US is worth 88 billion and in the UK worth £300 million a year. As in America, private clinics are offering the drug as a treatment.

The main role of HGH in the body is to boost growth during childhood. As people reach their mid-30s, our natural production of the hormone begins to slow. By topping up those levels, the belief is that the effects of aging can be countered.

While it is not illegal to prescribe drugs such as HGH for conditions for which they were not originally licensed, many doctors, such as Lionel Bissoon, insist they only ever use HGH after extensive blood and hormone tests show there is a deficiency.

But there is still a surprising  reluctance — in this country, at least — to talk about the treatment.

HGH is big news in anti-aging,’ said a Surrey-based doctor whose website advertises the anti-ageing benefits of HGH, but who asked not to be named.

‘But I won’t use it for anyone who isn’t actually deficient in it. To establish that means expensive blood tests, which will cost the patient over £500.

‘After that, if you have a dose of 0.4mg a day, it will cost about £500 a month, possibly up to £1,000 depending on the practitioner. After that, you will need frequent monitoring, which means more blood tests — and more money. It can run into thousands a year.

‘Most people who call me are taken aback by the price. They tell me they can get it much cheaper on the internet but, as I tell them, if they buy from anyone who isn’t a genuine medical doctor, which I am, they don’t know what they are getting into.’

‘It certainly didn’t make me look any younger. But even the positive effects were temporary. I lost some fat, but not my wrinkles. My feeling is that the benefits have been exaggerated’

One person who has first-hand experience of its effects is Dr Cecilia Tregear, a Harley Street medic who specializes in hormone treatments.

‘I took HGH several years ago,’ she admits. ‘I tried it when I turned 50 to find out if all the fuss was justified. What I noticed were initial, apparently positive effects on my energy levels and my libido rather than physical changes.

‘It certainly didn’t make me look any younger. But even the positive effects were temporary. I lost some fat, but not my wrinkles. My feeling is that the benefits have been exaggerated.’

Her view is backed up by a review of all the research into HGH conducted by scientists at Stanford University in California in 2007. It concluded that using the growth hormone resulted in small changes in body composition and an increased likelihood of conditions such as diabetes.

‘On the basis of this evidence,’ said the review, ‘growth hormone cannot be recommended as an anti-ageing therapy.’

But words such as that are unlikely to carry much truck with the likes of Graham Marks who believe that, in HGH, they have found the secret to eternal youth.

‘I know that I’m never going to be young again, but this stuff keeps me younger longer,’ he says. ‘I honestly feel it has taken at least a decade off my body age.’

But could it actually end up taking years off his life? It is something that he and the others taking part in this dangerous experiment will only discover when it is too late.

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Subcutaneous Injection Guide

HGH Injection Guide

What is a subcutaneous injection?

A subcutaneous injection, as illustrated in the figure to the right, is given in the fatty layer of tissue just under the skin. Human growth hormone is delivered in this manner.

Subcutaneous injection’s generally use a very small needle that causes little discomfort or no discomfort. Your doctor will have prescribed the amount and times to administer the medication.

The following brief guide offers generalized step-by-step subcutaneous injection instructions. This guide is not intended to support, not replace, the relationship between a patient and physician.

Why are subcutaneous injections given?

Preparing to Give HGH Medication

Drawing up the HGH Medication

Locating Injection Sites for HGH

Rotating HGH Injection Sites

Giving the HGH Injection

Why are subcutaneous injections given for HGH?

Why are subcutaneous injections given for HGH?

These type of injections are given for human growth hormone because there is little blood flow to fatty tissue, and the injected medication is generally absorbed more slowly, sometimes over 24 hours. Some hormone medications that can be injected subcutaneously are growth hormone, insulin, epinephrine, and other substances.

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What is a Subcutaneous Injection?

Preparing to Give HGH Medication

Drawing up the HGH Medication

Locating HGH Injection Sites

Rotating HGH Injection Sites

Giving the HGH Injection

Preparing to Give HGH Medication

Preparing to Give HGH Human Growth Hormone Medication

Subcutaneous injections of growth hormone are not given if the skin is burned, hardened, inflamed, swollen, or damaged by a previous injection.

1.  Wash your hands thoroughly. This is the best way to prevent infection.

2.  Assemble your injection equipment:

HGH Medication: May be a multidose vial of liquid or may be a vial with human growth hormone powder that requires “reconstitution.” Follow the manufacturer’s instructions as to what and how much diluent to use. The diluent is usually saline (a mixture of salt water) or sterile water.

Syringe and Needle: Depending on the amount of growth hormone medication to be given and the size of the child or adult:

  • 0.5 cc,1.0 cc, or 2 cc with 27-gauge needle (5/8 of an inch long)
  • 3 cc luer lock syringe–used when solution is more than 1 cc
  • 25-gauge needle (5/8 of an inch long or 27-gauge needle (5/8 of an inch long)
  • 0.3 mL insulin syringes with 28-gauge needles (1/2 inch long ) are available for those who are visually impaired or for those who need very small doses of medication.
  • medication log
  • container for syringe disposal
  • sterile 2 x 2 -inch gauze pad
  • alcohol pads

What is a Subcutaneous Injection?

Why are subcutaneous injections given for HGH?

Drawing up HGH Medication

Locating HGH Injection Sites

Rotating HGH Injection Sites

Giving the HGH Injection

Drawing up HGH Medication

How to draw up HGH medication for injection.

Drawing Up HGH Medication for Injection

1) Check the label for the correct growth hormone medication.
2) Remove the soft metal or plastic cap protecting the rubber stopper of the HGH vial.
3) If the medication vial can be used for more than one dose, record the date and time on the label.
4) Clean the exposed rubber stopper using an alcohol swab.
5) Remove the syringe from the plastic or paper cover. If necessary, attach the needle securely.
6) Pull back and forth on the plunger by grasping the plunger handle. Grasping the handle end will pre-vent contamination of the plunger shaft (which is sterile) and help check for easy movement.
7) With the needle capped, pull back the plunger, filling the syringe with air equal to the amount of growth hormone medication to be administered.
8) Remove the cap covering the needle and set it on its side to prevent contamination. Be careful not to touch the needle. The inside of the cap and needle is sterile, and the needle 9) will be covered again with this cap.
10) With the vial in an up-right position, push the needle through the cleansed rubber stopper on the vial. Push the needle in at a 90 degree angle, being careful not to bend the needle.
11) Inject the air in the syringe into the vial. Air is injected into a multi-dose vial to prevent a vacuum from forming. If too little or no air is injected, withdrawing the medication may be difficult. If too much air is injected, the plunger may be forced out of the barrel causing the medication to spill.
12) Turn the vial upside down, with the needle remaining in the vial. The needle will be pointing upward.
13) Make sure that the tip of the needle is completely covered by the medication. This will make it easier to withdraw the solution (and not air).
14) Pull back on the plunger to fill the syringe with the correct dose of HGH medication.
15) Keep the vial upside down, with the needle in the vial pointed upward. Tap the syringe, or “flick” it with your fingertips. This helps move bubbles to the top of the syringe.
16) Once the bubbles are at the top of the syringe, gently push on the plunger to force the bubbles out of the syringe and back into the vial. Or, you may push all the medication solution back into the vial, withdraw again slowly, and repeat steps 14 and 15. Note: It is important to eliminate large air bubbles because they take up space needed for the medication, and they may cause pain or discomfort when injected.
17) After removing the bubbles, check the dose of growth hormone medication in the syringe to be sure you have drawn up the correct amount.
18) After the HGH medication is correctly drawn up, carefully replace the needle cap to prevent contamination.

What is a Subcutaneous Injection?

Why are subcutaneous injections given for HGH?

Preparing to Give HGH Medication

Locating HGH Injection Sites

Rotating HGH Injection Sites

Giving the HGH Injection

Locating Injection Sites for HGH

Locating Injection Sites for Growth Hormone

Subcutaneous injections of HGH can be given in the arms, legs, or abdomen. Your nurse or hormone doctor will help you select the best sites to administer your hormone medication.

To locate HGH injection sites on the arms, fold one arm across the chest. Place your hand on the shoulder and draw an imaginary line below your hand. Place another hand on the elbow. Draw an imaginary line down the outer side of the arm and down the center front of the arm, starting at the elbow. The area inside these imaginary lines is where injections are given. (If you are injecting yourself, imagine the hand placement.)

To locate injection sites on the thighs, sit down, place your hand above the knee, and draw an imaginary line above it. Place your hand at the uppermost part of the thigh and draw an imaginary line below your hand. Draw an imaginary line down the outer side of the leg and down the center front of the leg. The area within these imaginary lines is where injections may be given.

To locate injection sites on the abdomen, place your hands on the lower ribs and draw an imaginary line below them. Use this area below your hands for injections, as far around as you can pinch up fatty tissue. Do not use a 1-inch area around the navel.

Locating HGH Injection Sites back of arms Locating HGH Injection Sites side of arms

Rotating HGH Injection Sites

Rotating HGH Injection Sites

It is extremely important to rotate sites you use to inject growth hormone to keep the skin healthy. Repeated HGH injections in the same spot can cause scarring and hardening of fatty tissue that will interfere with absorption of medication.

Each injection should be about 1 inch apart. Each injection site can be measured with a small dot Band-Aid, provided the patient is not sensitive to adhesive.

Start injections at the highest point of the area and continue down toward the point farthest away from the body (for example, upper arm down toward elbow). It is preferable to use all sites available on one body part (arm or leg) before moving on to another. However, some parents find that children are more accepting of injections if they are rotated from one body part to another (arm, leg, arm, leg). Avoid giving injections in areas that are burned, red- dented, inflamed, swollen, or damaged by prior injections.

What is a Subcutaneous Injection?

Why are subcutaneous injections given for HGH?

Preparing to Give HGH Hormone Medication

Drawing up HGH Medication

Locating HGH Injection Sites

Giving the HGH Injection

Giving the HGH Injection

Giving the Growth Hormone Injection

Take the cover off the needle. Be careful not to contaminate the needle. Place the cover on its side.

Hold the syringe containing the HGH solution in one hand like a pencil or a dart.

Grasp the skin between the thumb and index finger.

Quickly thrust the needle all the way into the skin. Do not “push” the needle into the skin slowly or thrust the needle into the skin with great force. Do not press down on the top of the plunger while piercing the skin.

Insert the needle at a 90-degree (right) angle. This angle is important to ensure that the hormone medication will be injected into the fatty tissue. However, for small children, and persons with little subcutaneous fat on thin skin, you may be taught to use a 45-degree angle.

After the needle is completely inserted into the skin, release the skin that you are grasping.

With your free hand, grasp the syringe near its base to stabilize it.

Gently pull back on the plunger and check for the appearance of blood in the syringe. Note: Not all injections require you to check for blood. Before you are dis- charged, your nurse will let you know if you need to do this. If you do not, then skip down to step 10.

If blood appears, remove the needle, discard it, and start over. Blood in the syringe means that you may be in a blood vessel, so discard the syringe with medication. Do not inject medication into a blood vessel: the medication is absorbed too rapidly if it is injected there.

If no blood appears, inject the medication at a slow, steady rate. Medication should be injected within 5 seconds.

As the needle is pulled out of the skin, gently press a 2×2 gauze onto the needle insertion site. Pressure over the site while removing the needle prevents skin from pulling back, which may be uncomfortable. The gauze also helps seal the punctured tissue and prevents leakage.

If instructed to do so, press or rub the site for a few seconds.

It is not serious if you notice blood at the site after the needle is removed. You may have nicked a surface blood vessel when you injected, and blood is following the needle track out to the surface. Simply press the site with a 2 x 2 gauze pad. Also, a small amount of clear fluid may appear at the site. This may be HGH medication that is following the needle track to the surface. Again, apply pressure using a 2 x 2 gauze pad.

What is a Subcutaneous Injection?

Why are subcutaneous injections given for HGH?

Preparing to Give HGH Medication

Drawing up HGH Medication

Locating HGH Injection Sites

Rotating HGH Injection Sites